Issue 02/2016

Seal of Quality for CeramOptec®

CeramOptec® has been awarded the Seal of Quality for "Innovation through Research" by the Stifterverband [Donor’s Association]. The Seal represents the internal and external Research and Development (R&D) efforts of companies, the innovative activities within the economy and operating metrics. R&D data are gathered based on international standards and represent an important tool for the Federal Government for the assessment of economic, innovative and technological development policies.


Optran® UV NSS-Fiber

This new quartz glass fiber features an extremely high solarization resistance and has been designed specifically for long-term use in the deep UV spectrum. Due to its specific structure, the fiber maintains an extraordinary high degree of stability even during permanent exposure to UV-C light sources. 

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Optran® NCF UV/WF-Fiber

This specialty fiber from CeramOptec® features a fiber design with a rectangular core and jacket geometry. Power distribution is thereby homogenized and enables a higher packing density for fiber bundles. Its special design actively participates in shaping the laser beam and thereby reduces the need for beam shaping optics, which also entails a reduction of overall costs. 

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Laser World of Photonics India

CeramOptec® participated as exhibitor in the "Laser World of Photonics India" at the Bangalore International Exhibition Center 09/21 through 09/23/2016.

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We welcome Philipp Gelszinnis, who has joined our outside sales force on July 7, 2016. Mr. Gelszinnis switched from interior sales to this related area, which allows him to intensify customer care and conduct consultations at customer locations more easily. Acquisition of new customers as well as the retention of existing clients will also be important parts of his activities. We are very pleased that our outside sales force will be significantly reinforced by his transfer and are looking forward to continue cooperating with him in the future.