CeramOptec® - the leading fiber optics specialist

Company foundation

CeramOptec GmbH from Bonn has been one of the leading international specialists for optical technologies (quartz glass fibers and medical lasers) for over 30 years. After its foundation in 1988, the company initially focused on glass fibers for laser technology, sensor technology and spectroscopy. In the following years, however, medical applications increasingly came into focus. This resulted in the foundation of biolitec AG in 1999, which today is one of the world's most respected companies in laser medicine and now functions as the parent company of CeramOptec®.

International expansion

In addition to its focus on industry and medicine, CeramOptec® has always been characterized by its international orientation. As early as 1991, a subsidiary was established in Malaysia, followed by further subsidiaries in China (Shanghai), India (Bangalor) and the United Arab Emirates (Dubai). Distribution partners in France, the USA, Japan and South Korea were added. With the foundation of Ceram Optec SIA, headquartered in Riga, the fiber optic production was completely outsourced to Latvia in 2014. At the production site in Livani, CeramOptec® not only produces glass fibers and glass fiber bundles, but also - as the only producer of such special fibers - its own glass fiber blanks (preforms).

A central milestone in the product development of CeramOptec® was the world's first diode laser for Photodynamic Therapy. It was launched on the market before biolitec® was founded and is still produced by CeramOptec® today.


Technical innovations

The standard CeramOptec® product range includes the Optran® UV/WF fiber, which offers outstanding transmission performance and very good radiation resistance across the entire light spectrum, from deep UV to IR. In addition, the special products Optran® UV NCC and Optran® UVNSS stand out.

The UV NCC fiber has a non-circular fiber cross section and thus offers advantages in beam shaping, since, for example, optical devices for beam shaping of the output beam can be dispensed with. It is the first choice e.g. in the field of surface cleaning by laser or for illumination.

The UV NSS fiber was developed specifically for the UV-C spectral range and offers improved solarization resistance, making it ideal for use in spectroscopy and medical diagnostics.

CeramOptec® has recently added multicore fibers with concentric and separate arrangement of cores for fiber-coupled laser systems, sensor technology and other applications to its product range. The fibers enable better control of power density and beam guidance.

Also new are the aluminum-coated quartz fibers for rough and harsh environments. They can withstand the highest temperatures in use between -196°C and +400°C. The properties are designed for use in semiconductor and nuclear technology as well as for the chemical industry. Other possible applications are also conceivable.

As CeramOptec® bundles the entire production chain - from the manufacture of preforms to the finished fibers - under one roof, it is possible to respond to customers' special wishes and implement individual solutions at any point in the production process.

In addition to direct customer contact, CeramOptec® maintains intensive contact with various cooperation partners in the optical fiber industry at several international trade fairs each year and takes advantage of the opportunity to find out about the latest developments in the industry at specialist conferences and presentations.