Issue 03/2018

Extension of the management

The management level of CeramOptec was extended in July 2018 by Holger Bäuerle as the new Vice Managing Director. Mr Bäuerle thus acts as deputy to the Managing Directors Dr. Plange and Dr. Dreschau. Until now, Mr Bäuerle was Head of Sales, and will continue to hold this position. 

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Trade fair notification

Over the coming weeks, CeramOptec will be represented at specialist trade fairs both in India and in France. At the Laser World of Photonics India, September 26 - 28, CeramOptec will be presenting its portfolio of bundles, cables and fibers at its cooperation partner’s stand, and from October 23 – 24, the UV NSS and the UV NCC fibers will be the focus of attention at the enova in France. 

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New anti-reflection coating system

At the production location in Latvia, anti-reflection coatings for all end faces of optic fibers and fiber bundles can be realized. The ultra-modern vacuum coating system provides ideal conditions, also for the processing of special fibers.

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Wind measurements using laser

At the end of August, the new satellite "Aeolus" was launched into space. It is equipped with a complex laser system which is able to measure wind conditions on earth with the aid of light pulses, and will thus make decisive improvements in the accuracy of weather forecasts.

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