Mission-Critical needs

Groundbreaking applications

When it comes to fibers, many buyers have no margin for failure. From precision surgery to internal security to aerospace and beyond, customers rely on CeramOptec® in cooperation with Ceram Optec SIA because their expectations are not only met but exceeded. We work closely with customers to ensure that they get the right fiber. After all, failures are not an option for us either.

CeramOptec®. Smart choice

CeramOptec® has found a niche with applications for research and development, as well as with academic and scientific applications for renowned universities and institutions around the world. The most common applications are in spectroscopy, laser beam guidance and general chemistry.

CeramOptec® Solutions: Small volume, custom orders. Comprehensive products/applications range 

An example: >> Optran® UV/WF

From the earth to the moon and beyond

Fibers are an integral part of modern flight, from aircraft to satellites to space exploration. You’ll find our bundles in both turbine engine and aircraft sensing applications. CeramOptec® bundles are a critical component of the scanning and sensor systems that search the earth’s atmosphere looking for debris. We’re on the Mars Project, and a wide range of other deep space and astronomical applications.

CeramOptec® Solutions: Highly customized products. Wide range of fiber sizes and types. High and low temperature fibers 

An example: >> Optran® UV NSS

Final analysis: CeramOptec® delivers.

No errors should occur with sensors and the detection of biohazards. CeramOptec® stands for precise and reliable performance. Our fibers were used in the decontamination of Senator Tom Daschle's office when it was contaminated with anthrax bacteria. In addition, CeramOptec® bundles are used for the quality testing of drinking and treated water in many different water treatment plants around the world.

CeramOptec® Solutions: Custom probes and bundles. Wide wavelength range options. Custom fibers 

An example: >> Fiber Bundles

Reliable fibers are a pilot’s best friend.

With the advent of all-glass cockpits and head-up displays, avionics and flight systems rely heavily on optical fiber to deliver the information pilots need. From jet engine sensors to general aircraft systems, CeramOptec® is flying high.

CeramOptec® Solutions: High-temp fibers. Silica. Silica with a wide range of core diameters and NAs 

An example: >> Optran® UV/WF

Our optical fibers are a natural for biochemical applications.

Sensors. Raman Spectroscopy. On-line sampling. When it comes to optical fiber for biochemical applications, our customers know that CeramOptec® delivers quality and precision performance.

CeramOptec® Solutions: Custom assemblies and bundles. High and low NA silica/silica fibers. Long length assemblies. 

An example: >> Assemblies

Mission-critical applications of national importance

When it comes to the security of the nation, CeramOptec® is always ready to make a contribution. Federal agencies use our bundles for drug and smuggling control and other homeland security applications. NOAA (US Weather and Oceanographic Administration) and NASA use them for atmospheric exploration and in aircraft for hurricane hunting and volcanic remote sensing. CeramOptec® bundles scan the Earth's atmosphere in search of dangerous debris. Counter-terrorism and homeland security authorities use our products together with local waterworks to control and secure drinking water supplies.

CeramOptec® Solutions: Deep UV to NIR transmission. High power handling fibers. 0.06 to 0.53 NA fibers. 50 micron to 2000 micron cores. Custom assemblies 

An example: >> Optran® UV/WF

Whodunit? CeramOptec® is on the case.

It’s not just a fictional prime time drama - real crime scene investigators rely on our bundles and fibers to find clues and help catch criminals. From spectroscopy in the lab to in-the-field applications, we’re on the job every day.

CeramOptec® Solutions: UV fibers. Fused bundles 

An example: >> Optran® HUV, Optran® HWF

A cleaner, greener earth

Our bundles are used in recycling applications and sorting garbage at a multitude of waste management sites throughout the North America. We have a number of customers who use our bundles to pick out raw materials as they move through the waste processing plants. One company recycles old tires into carpet, while the other one recycles textile material for other textile products. Another client uses the bundles to find recyclable chemical and material for making resins for automotive industry, as well as pesticides.

CeramOptec® Solutions: Custom bundle assemblies. UV to NIR wavelengths 

An example: >> Assemblies

Fast. Precise. Ultra-reliable

Cutting, marking, and welding are some of the more popular uses for our fibers across a broad range of industrial laser applications. You’ll find us in laser delivery systems for everything from laser marking to plastic injection molding. Fibers are used for cutting and welding applications throughout the automotive and sheet metal industries. Robots rely on our fibers, as do high-power lasers used in very high-speed precision drilling and wielding.

CeramOptec® Solutions: High power connectors. Large core fibers. High-power laser delivery assemblies 

An example: >> Optran® UV/WF

Precision is in our DNA

When it comes to cell sampling, medical instrumentation, and detailed analysis, CeramOptec® bundles are at the heart of the systems that deliver photons from the sample to the detectors.

CeramOptec® Solutions: A variety of NAs and custom bundles in a wide range of core sizes. 

An example: >> Fiber Bundles

Our prescription for medical lasers: CeramOptec®

The medical applications for our fibers are vast and growing every day. Laser ablation, tissue welding, and PDT are among the most common uses in fields like urology (BPH, kidney stones), ophthalmology (AMD, glaucoma), OB&GYN (cysts), cardiology (TMR, angioplasty), hair removal, aesthetic procedures, ENT, PDT, general surgery, orthopedics, gastrology, colonoscopy (pulps and cysts), leg veins, dentistry, and veterinary applications. Our fibers are even used to precision-deliver stents to the brain.

CeramOptec® Solutions: Silica/silica and hard-clad fibers with high power handling abilities, deep UV to NIR wavelengths, and custom probes 

An example: >> Optran® UV NSS

From the laboratory to millions of light years away

Plasma fusion. Astronomy. Materials research. Our bundles are used by a wide variety of government and national laboratories across a broad spectrum of applications - from Mars Project to next generation weapons to and laser tactical weapons. We have been involved in many astronomy projects with Harvard University, Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, Chilean Observatory, Subaru Observatory in Hawaii, Lick Observatory in Mt. Hamilton, CA, as well as CERN projects throughout North America, and Europe.

CeramOptec® Solutions: Low loss fibers. Custom fibers and bundles. Deep UV to NIR transmission 

An example: >> Assemblies

The canary in the coal mine of the nuclear industry

Sensing plasma in chambers. Plasma imaging. Thin film deposition. CeramOptec® products have found a home within all of these applications, and we have a strong, vital presence in both commercial and military nuclear facilities.

CeramOptec® Solutions: Vacuum bundles. Vacuum feedthroughs. Custom bundle configurations 

An example: >> Vacuum Feedthroughs

Brilliant ideas come from fiber optics

We service a wide variety of applications for research and development, as well as academic and scientific applications with prestigious universities and institutions throughout the world. CeramOptec® fibers excel in instrumentation, materials research, and chemical sensing applications.

CeramOptec® Solutions: Customized products. Vacuum products. Broad spectrum of wavelengths

An example: >> Vacuum Feedthroughs

There’s nothing semi about CeramOptec®.

From wafer manufacturing to inspection, CeramOptec® is an integral part of the semiconductor industry. Our bundles are used in semiconductor capital equipments where the laser light is delivered from the laser to the wafer, as well as wafer testing. Optical fibers are also used in Stepper applications for making semiconductor chips.

CeramOptec® Solutions: High reliability factor. Custom assemblies and bundles 

An example: >> Optran® Ultra WFGE

Sensors: It’s all in the details.

International industry giants like 3M, Exxon Mobil and DuPont. Leading vehicle manufacturers such as BMW, Audi, Chrysler and Mercedes Benz. Commercial and military nuclear facilities. Pharmaceutical companies. They all rely on sensors with CeramOptec® fibers in applications as diverse as painting, glass coloring, contamination control, position detection and many more.

CeramOptec® Solutions: Deep UV to NIR transmission, different core sizes, and low to high NA. 

An example: >> Optran® UVWFS broadband fiber

Powerful uses for fibers and bundles

As solar power and energy continues to gain popularity, more and more companies are looking for help in exploring this clean energy source. We help deliver sunlight to the insides of buildings; provide the sunlight that’s essential for photosynthesis to plants; and many other solar applications.

CeramOptec® Solutions: PowerLightGuide fused-end bundles. Custom bundle assemblies; low loss fibers. 

An example: >> PowerLightGuide Fused-End Bundles

Companies worldwide have seen the light with CeramOptec®.

Chemical processing. Pollution and contaminant monitoring. Pharmaceutical testing. These are just a few of the spectroscopy applications where you’ll find our fibers. CeramOptec® bundles for NIR spectroscopy are very common in food and chemical analysis. Our probes are used in petrochemical refineries at Exxon Mobil and Shell; in chemical plants such as Dupont and Dow Chemicals; and in pharmaceutical giants like Pfizer for on-line quality control applications. Eli Lilly and Merck use our bundles to test the quality of their drugs, and likewise Wythe Laboratories for cough syrup quality control.

CeramOptec® Solutions: Deep UV to NIR transmission. Custom and long-length probes and bundles. Vertical integration, from perform to final product. 

An example: >> Fiber Bundles