Interview with Holger Bäuerle, CeramOptec's authorized signatory and sales manager, on the new MED.OEM (Medical Original Equipment Manufacturer) business segment.

Mr. Bäuerle, why is CeramOptec active as an Original Equipment Manufacturer?

Holger Bäuerle: MED.OEM is a good opportunity for CeramOptec to position itself more broadly and offers an opportunity to consolidate and expand our position in the industry. We have the opportunity to build up the sector successively and in the medium term.
We want to bring new products and technologies to the market that can be used by everyone. It is an additional business area with applications that are not yet represented. We can also focus on development and production.

What exactly does MED.OEM mean?

Holger Bäuerle: MED.OEM stands for Medical Original Equipment Manufacturer, which means for us that we are also manufacturers of light guides that we do not sell ourselves under "CeramOptec". CeramOptec manufactures light guides that can be tailored to any laser. This also enables us to serve a wide range of medical application areas.

What does MED.OEM mean for CeramOptec and what advantages does MED.OEM bring to the company?

Holger Bäuerle: In the MED.OEM area, we produce probes and light guides for medical lasers that are tailor-made and therefore fit every laser. CeramOptec thus creates an offer for niche products and special designs, as well as new modifications of standard products.

For which fields of application can your products be used?

Holger Bäuerle: The MED.OEM products are very versatile and can be used for a wide variety of medical applications. They are used in the fields of urology, pneumology, orthopedics and gynecology, among others.

What are the advantages of your MED.OEM products?

Holger Bäuerle: CeramOptec has decades of experience in laser technology and can always customize the fibers and probes. They are therefore compatible with all medical lasers. In addition, they are gentle on tissue and thanks to the precise laser guidance there is only the slightest bleeding.