Working or living spaces that have daylight are much friendlier places to be – they make us feel more comfortable and promote health. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to have windows. Working together with our French cooperation partner Echy, CeramOptec® has found a solution to this problem: a lighting system that brings real daylight into otherwise dark rooms.


With our new broadband optical fibre Optran® UVWFS, CeramOptec® now offers our customers an optical fibre for a wavelength range of 200–2000 nm. This fibre has extremely low losses and contains the properties of both UV and WF fibres, which makes it suitable for a very wide range of applications.

More information about UVWFS is available here.


The Max Planck Institute for Plasmaphysics in Greifswald currently houses the world’s largest stellarator-type fusion plant, the “Wendelstein 7-X”. In the field of basic research, this project is aimed at investigating this model’s suitability for a power plant in permanent operation. An important research aspect is the temperature measurement of the plasma generated, which is carried out in collaboration with CeramOptec®. The plasma electrons that are studied reach a temperature of approx. 100 million °C in the Wendelstein 7-X.

More information is available here.

CeramOptec® has developed a new, non-round quartz glass tube with reflective coating. The quartz glass tube is suitable for the production of active quartz fibres of all kinds, as well as multi-coated fibres.

More information about NCT is available here.

CeramOptec® will be represented at the following trade fair with our own stand:

26– 29 June 2017, Laser World of Photonics Stand 308, Hall B2 Munich, Germany

We will be focusing on our new fibres, UV NSS and UVWFS, although we will also have comprehensive informational material available on other products. We look
forward to meeting you in person at our stand.

biolitec® is one of the world’s leading providers of medical laser systems. Our medical lasers and probes are used in the field of minimally invasive surgery, mainly in procedures involving the prostate, varicose veins, haemorrhoids and fistulae. CeramOptec® is a wholly owned subsidiary of biolitec® AG. We manufacture medical lasers and probes, which biolitec® distributes worldwide through its own sales network and distributors.

More information is available here.

For CeramOptec®, 2016 was a successful and eventful year that included launching new products and expanding our plant in Latvia. For 2017, CeramOptec® plans further steps to expand into international markets and increase our distribution network.

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