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In this newsletter, we introduce you to AR coating as well as the new "Did you know?" section. We then inform you about aluminium-coated fiber optics and CeramOptec's new interactive graphic. In addition, we report on a microrobot that can be useful in minimally invasive surgeries.

AR coating allows reflection losses at the end faces of the fibers to be almost completely eliminated, increasing transmission by about 7%. This is particularly important for medical interventions, where the power intensity must always remain uniform.

The first attempt to transmit light was made as early as 1870. The experiment was carried out by the scientist John Tyndall (1820-1893). He also invented the hollow light guide. This led to the development of fiber optics.

CeramOptec's new AL-Fiber is suitable for operating temperatures ranging from -196°C to +400°C. The fibers are very resilient and are particularly suitable for areas where thermal management plays an important role.

More Information

In a short time there will be an innovation on the CeramOptec website. CeramOptec is working on an interactive graphic that will highlight and briefly explain the most important products. From there you will be able to reach the desired product quickly.

Robotic engineers have developed a laser-steering microrobot that can be used in minimally invasive surgeries. The scientists have proven that it can follow complex trajectories with high speed and precicion.

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