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In this newsletter we show you the new Interactive Graphic of CeramOptec. In addition, there is an insight into the little 1x1 of light guides as well as a new article in the "Did you know?" section. We also report on a breakthrough in nuclear fusion, three trade fairs and a study that CeramOptec was involved in.

From now on you can look at the new CeramOptec Interactive Graphic. Here, you can see all important products at a glance, get a short description and quickly get to the desired page.

Interactive Graphic

Bend loss, numerical aperture, Fresnel reflection loss, ...

What does it all mean?

Philipp Bozzini created the first endoscope in 1806 by directing candlelight into body cavities and voids via a system of mirrors and tubes.

Researchers at the National Ignition Facility (NIF) have made a breakthrough in nuclear fusion research. They have achieved a 70 percent energy gain with the help of 192 laser beams.

Article on LaserFocusWorld

CeramOptec was present at the trade fairs "all about automation" in Wetzlar, Germany, as well as at the "ECOC" in Bordeaux, France, at the latter with its own booth together with "OBS FIBER". Trade fairs always offer good opportunities to make new contacts and maintain old ones.

Link to the CeramOptec Trade Shows

Next year, Jan. 25-27, 2022, Laser Photonics West and SPIE will be held in San Francisco. CeramOptec will have a booth there together with its distributor Armadillo.

Link to SPIE

CeramOptec was part of a Fraunhofer ILT investigation on the properties of rectangular core fibers. The single-mode regime and the bending properties as a function of the aspect ratio of the rectangular core are investigated.

Link to paper