Laser Zentrum Hannover

1. About your company: In which industry is the Laser Zentrum Hannover (LZH) active and how are you and your products related to CeramOptec GmbH?

"The central tasks of the LZH are research, development, consulting, education and training as well as promotion of young talents in the fields of photonics and laser technology. Our main research areas include: Optical Components and Systems, Optical Production Technologies and Biomedical Photonics.
Our work in the funded research projects is always aligned with current and future requirements of industry and science, and in the industrial contracts of the LZH, the direct customer benefit is the focus of our work.
CeramOptec GmbH uses the services of our coating group for the optical functionalization of optical fiber cables by dielectric coatings."

2. Why do your products and those of CeramOptec® complement each other so well?

"Although there are a good number of manufacturers of optical fiber cables, the antireflection coating of the input and output coupling facets is anything but standard. The coating of these facets with an antireflection layer involves a number of process difficulties and is not yet available on the market as a series product.
We, as a development service provider with our own production facilities, can act flexibly as a partner in precisely this segment. With such a product, the current limits of the market can be challenged."

3. Can you characterize your business relationship with CeramOptec® in a few words? Are there any aspects that should be highlighted positively in this regard?

"The relationship with CeramOptec GmbH is based on partnership. The quality is largely determined by the condition of the supplied parts and the experience and care with regard to the tempering. It is important for us that both sides openly discuss individual process steps with each other in order to work out an optimal result together."

4. What makes LZH's products and services stand out? 

"Our service is characterized by open communication and a high level of experience and up-to-date equipment. Manufacturers and users who need a true development partner in the field of optical coatings will find an excellent partner in the Laser Zentrum Hannover."