Fiber cables

Single-fiber assemblies 

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Optical cables 

An optical cable is a confection of a fiber. In most cases, fibers are connected at both ends with optical components.

The production of individual cables is one of the most outstanding fields of expertise of CeramOptec® in cooperation with Ceram Optec SIA: every cable, every design, for every application. Talk to us about your specific technical requirements and we will help you develop the best cable solution or simply tell us what you want, and we will manufacture it exactly to your specifications.

High-quality fiber optic cables from CeramOptec® in cooperation with Ceram Optec SIA can be manufactured from any fiber and according to your ideas in several design variants. In addition, a range of connectors (including all standard connectors or individual ferrules manufactured in-house) are available. 



  • Broad temperature range
  • High resistance against laser damage
  • Special jackets available for high temperatures, high vacuum and harsh chemicals
  • Constant core / cladding ratio throughout the entire fiber
  • All dielectric, non-magnetic design
  • Sterilisable using ETO and other methods
  • Biocompatible material 
  • AR coating 
  • Various lengths available 
  • Customised ferrules (also for non-circular fiber geometries)


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