Optube CT, Optube CTH

Flexible Silica Capillary Tubing


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CeramOptec's® innovative Optube flexible silica capillary tubing offers the highest temperature capability in the industry at 400° C (Optube CTH). With impressive tensile strength and pressure resistance, Optube CT and CTH are ideal for several applications, from gas chromatography to electrophoresis. We offer our high quality capillary tubing in a variety of sizes, as well as custom designs to meet your specifications.


  • High tensile strength (>600 kpsi)
  • Temperature resistance to 375° C (Optube CT) and 400° C (Optube CTH)
  • Pressure resistant to 4500 psi
  • Chemical resistance (polyimide coating)
  • Smooth inner surface


  • Pure, synthetic silica
  • High OH content for easy surface bonding to siloxanes
  • Standard prooftest: 70 kpsi
  • Intrinsic strength >600 kpsi


  • Gas chromatography
  • Liquid chromatography
  • Electrophoresis
  • Fiber splices and other fiber optic components
  • Precision casting inserts
  • High-pressure miniature hydraulics