Optran® UV, WF, Ultra WFGE

A tapered optical fiber is used e.g. to lead a collimated beam with a relatively large diameter into a smaller fiber or to get a better energy density in the immediate vicinity of the fiber output.

CeramOptec® in cooperation with Ceram Optec SIA offers fused and tapered optical fibers of the highest quality. All tapered assemblies are available with standard connectors or individually designed ferrules.

Fused-End Taper

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Fig.1: Simplified profile of a fused-end taper
The tapered part is very short (approx. between 5mm and 100mm)

In a fused-end taper the “real” taper is very short and can completely be built in a SMA connector. The thin end of this taper is spliced to a standard fiber. Fused-end tapers are more cost effective compared to continuous tapers and can be built with a customized ratio of input diameter to output diameter.

e.g.: Core A: 200µm, Core B: 100µm, Fiber type: WFGe.

Additional information

A tapered optical fiber modifies the geometry of an input beam by reducing its diameter and enlarging its output angle.

In other words, a tapered optical fiber acts as a converter of the numerical aperture (and beam diameter) by converting the NA of the input beam according to the following formula:

NAo = R x NAi

Where: NAo = Output NA (pigtail NA)
NAi = Input NA
R = Ratio of taper input diameter to output diameter

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